The Science of Affirmation

December 4, 2018

Infused in our curriculum are ways for children to seeing themselves in new ways in the outdoor learning environment. One of our goals at ECOS Institute is to deepen the connection to nature and to each other.  Our staff and counselors are trained to spot opportunities to provide genuine and specific praise and affirmation to students so that they confidently connect to the learning environment.

There are essentially three levels of affirmation:

Example: “You have cool hiking boots.” 

Example:  “Wow, you are the fastest hiker in the group!” 

Example:  “I admire that, even though you are the fastest hiker in our group, you always wait for the slower hikers and make sure they are staying with the group. You are a considerate and responsible leader.”

While all genuine affirmation is good, we strive for deeper Level 3 affirmations at ECOS Institute with our students. It is most the powerful in connecting students to the learning around them.