Distance Learning Opportunities

April 27, 2020

Greetings ECOS Community,

Though it’s saddened us to be unable to serve schools this spring, we’ve used the extra time to improve the ECOS program and find ways to support our schools. We’re excited to present THREE custom learning options for you to utilize in your digital classroom:

SoCal Water and Conservation

We took our morning program powerpoint addressing the Santa Ana River watershed and Environmental Principles and Concepts (E,P & Cs) and spiced it up beyond recognition.  This lesson combines an 8 minute video/ 2 pg. worksheet, would take about 30 minutes for a student to complete and requires little to no instruction on your part.





Steelhead Trout

We’ve probably all seen footage of adult salmon swimming upstream, returning from the ocean to their freshwater birthplace.  The footage is usually from Alaska right?  But did you know that there’s a species of salmonid, the steelhead trout, that does that right here in Southern California?

In this 5 part lesson series students will:

All direct instruction is provided through a Youtube playlist and student work is done on an attached worksheet.  The “answers” to the worksheet questions are discussed in a debrief video for each section, making the whole lesson plan “plug and play” with little required by the teacher.

Video Playlist:  https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJDkokRsJraJ4MxZU6bQMOg2t1fBnhgl_

Teacher Guide. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qBorvDcvbtArKlsNP-jw5_6zF_p65TUboH97jWW7Bmg/edit?usp=sharing

Student Worksheet https://docs.google.com/document/d/1URBW6HoLnV7U-FekNM6oU4TM3PBwEn1lbAvX13IaVUU/edit?usp=sharing


Plant Reproduction

Why just talk about plant reproduction when you can watch it happen before your own eyes? This lesson will teach your students how to harvest some local landscaping and use up-cycled food containers to make their own potted plants.  The lesson includes:

Lesson Link

Google Slides Link

Video Link


Shelter Building

Get your students motivated to participate in an ECOS classic–shelter building.  The attached video features some of the ECOS crew members walking you through the basics of how to build a debris hut. If students don’t have access to nature they can always modify this to a stay-at-home classic–sofa forts!

Video Link


Live Streaming to The Mountains

Want us to do a live exploration or experiment from the mountains?  We recently did this with Mrs. Lippincott from Our Lady of Fatima, performing an experiment pertaining to tree transpiration. You can invite us to join your on-line platform, such as zoom, and we will be happy to fit it into our schedule!

You know when you ask the bagger at the grocery store help you to your car and they seem really excited to get outside? That’s the way we feel….I’ll be sending out a second installment next week, and they will be posted on our website blog soon.

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