Spring Fever

April 3, 2018

With Spring, comes the many migratory birds and their favorite food – insects! While many are regarded as pests, most native insect species play a positive and crucial role in local ecosystems, both pollinating plants and sustaining populations of insectivores.

One great way to celebrate the upcoming Earth Day is to create healthy habitats in your own home or school yard. By planting native, drought-resistant flowering plants, you can help to establish a sustainable and attractive space for insects to thrive. And more insects means more of our feathered friends visiting us for a snack as they make their way north for the summer!

Read more about creating a restorative home and garden: The Nature Principle.You may also want to share with your students or their families Earth Day and Spring events.  Teachers can learn more about training opportunities at little or no cost to learn about the environment.

Here is a great resource: Earth Month Training and Events.