Fairmont Teachers“I cannot emphasize how much I love this program. The experience is like nothing else and is such a pivotal experience for students of this age. This program is so important for them to get ready for Junior High. As long as this program is offered, I will make sure my school attends.”– Ashley Simms, Teacher, Arborland Montessori School

“I feel that ECOS is a great chance for my students to see themselves differently than they have before. They really grow during their week here.” – Lori Stern, Teacher, Fairmont Private Schools

“Awesome experience. Can’t wait to return next year to ECOS Institute.”– Abel De Casas, Teacher, Bon View Elementary School

IMG_0161“Being at this wonderful place for a week, seeing and realizing what you could do and change in society, seeing the bright candle of your life burn, and imagine what it could be…Not only did it make my dreams dear, but it was a piece of my life that I’ll never forget.” – Student, Santiago Hills Elementary School

“Before I came to camp, I never really thought science was fun or interesting at all. Thanks to you, I figured out that we depend on science and science depends on us.” – Student, Vista Verde School

“He did not want to go. When he came home, he wanted to go right back. Thank you for all that you did!” – Parent, Palmyra Elementary School

“You have life-changing Instructors here at ECOS.” – Linda Gillen, Teacher, Patton Elementary School