Parent FAQ

Health Care

Who is in charge of health care at ECOS?

There is a Registered Nurse (RN) who supervises the health care operations at ECOS. When the lead RN is not on site, care is provided by another RN, LVN, or EMT.

How close are paramedics and hospitals?

The average response time for an ambulance during a 911 emergency is less than 15 minutes. The nearest hospital can be reached within 20 minutes, possibly longer in inclement weather.

Do I need to send over-the-counter medication for my child?

Refer to the Student Registration Form for a list of OTC medications provided by ECOS Institute. Prescription or OTC medications sent from home require a physician’s authorization.

If my child has a food allergy, who should I inform?

ECOS Institute does not serve food containing nuts.

Parents of students with restrictive food allergies (i.e. gluten, dairy, etc.) should contact the ECOS office directly at least two weeks prior to attendance, so that we can make preparations to accommodate their special diet.

Staff, Facilities & Program

Where can I find a packing list for my child?

Packing lists can be found in the Parent Guide packet that should be brought home by your son or daughter. If you are missing your Parent Guide, you can find another here.

Who supervises the students in the cabin at night?

ECOS Institute staff stay in the cabins and supervise the students at night. There are no volunteer parent chaperones or high-school students.

Do you do background checks on your staff before they are hired?

Yes. In addition to an extensive reference check to determine work history and performance, potential staff are fingerprinted and undergo a multi-agency background check.

What is the weather like?

Type in Green Valley Lake, CA in the upper left hand corner to search the local forecast at

What are the cabins like?

At ECOS Institute, students stay in clean, fully winterized cabins with private restrooms and showers.

Can I visit ECOS to see the facility?

Yes. Parents may call our office and schedule a visit to the ECOS campus. Visits may be scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays only, when we are in operation. Parents may not visit ECOS during the week that their child is attending.

Policies & Procedures

Can I talk to my child during their week at ECOS Institute?

In the event of an emergency at home, parents may choose to contact ECOS and speak to their child. Non-emergency phone calls can divert valuable staff resources, can increase homesickness, and are generally discouraged. Students may not bring cellphones to ECOS.

Will I be informed if my child is missing home?

If a student is missing home, we will encourage and support that child as they work through a normal and common emotion. If anxiety persists through the second day, ECOS staff will contact a parent or guardian and discuss further strategies.