Job Descriptions


To provide direction, guidance and monitor the activities and safety of students during their participation in a residential Outdoor Science Institute (OSI). Provide instruction regarding the natural sciences, through nature hikes, lessons and activities and performs related duties as assigned. This job requires evening shifts and staying overnight in cabins with students.

Instructors report directly to the program director or an assistant director when the program director is off-site. Lead Instructors provide guidance and direction to instructors. Instructors directly supervise students.

Ability to hike 5 miles at high elevation and stand for long periods. Ability to lift 25 pounds from ground level.


  1. Supervise a group of 10-15 students (cabin group) at a residential camp setting for 3-5 days at a time.
  2. Enforce discipline and safety standards.
  3. Direct and supervise students during dining time, bedtime, cabin cleanup and other group living activities.
  4. Communicate directions clearly to students.
  5. Counsel and empathize with students that are “missing home”.
  6. Act as a role model for the students while away from parents and school.
  7. Monitor student cabin during the night. Respond to emergency situations which may arise.
  8. Instruct and teach students on nature trails and hikes; educate students about basic concepts of geology, ecology, wildlife biology, astronomy, conservation and survival with hands on activities; cover required outdoor science curriculum during allotted time.
  9. Lead large and small group activities.
  10. Plan, organize and lead craft and recreational activities.
  11. Lead songs and games.
  12. Anticipate and take measures to avoid potential safety hazards and health needs; administer First Aid and CPR to students when needed; care for students that are sick or refer to on-site Health Care Center.
  13. Direct and lead entertainment in evenings; assist students in creating skits and songs; encourage student creativity and involvement.
  14. Assist in maintaining a clean and orderly learning environment to ensure the health and safety of students; assist in cleaning and straightening the cabin, site, and dining areas.
  15. Other duties as assigned.


Knowledge of:

  1. Natural science subject matter, including geology, ecology, wildlife biology, astronomy, conservation.
  2. Methods, practices and techniques of science instruction through specialized outdoor lesson plans, projects, hikes and instructional materials.
  3. Methods and practices of child instruction and tutoring.
  4. Correct English usage, including spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  5. CPR and First Aid.

Ability to:

  1. Supervise, instruct and engage students in positive learning, in a residential outdoor field setting.
  2. Carefully monitor the activities of students to ensure their safety and well-being.
  3. Present material to students in an innovative, imaginative and creative manner.
  4. Organize, set priorities and exercise sound judgment within areas of responsibility.
  5. Organize and maintain confidential student records and files.
  6. Communicate clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing.
  7. Understand and follow written and oral instructions.
  8. Deal with sensitive and difficult situations.
  9. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow Instructors, executive directors, program director, staff of visiting school districts, parents, students, site staff and others encountered in the course of work.
  10. Must demonstrate attendance sufficient to complete duties of the position as required.

One year of experience working with children in an organized outdoor camp setting or supervising school age children; and completion of one year of study at a college or university.
Obtain valid CPR and First Aid certifications. Current TB Test and physical. Clear criminal history


Media Coordinator


The ECOS Media Coordinator reports directly to the Program Director. They will hold primary responsibility for digital photography and video projects relating to ECOS programming. The Media Coordinator will work in conjunction with the Support Staff in order to enrich program and to accomplish media objectives.


  1. Develop and implement media strategy to provide parents and teachers access to the camper experience at ECOS Institute.
  2. Take daily digital photos capturing the life and community of ECOS Institute.
  3. Create memory video for an end of the week presentation to campers.
  4. Work with Program Directors and clients to cater media sharing plan for each attending school specifically.
  5. Schedule/work systematically to ensure cabin groups and activities are covered regularly with the goal of evenly capturing as many photos of each camper as possible.
  6. Work with Program Director and Support staff to maintain appropriate social media presence for both clients and staff.
  7. Attend staff training for ECOS Instructors Oct. 5th-14th and be willing to help out with Instructor duties during high volume program weeks. Provide camper supervision as requested, including in-cabin supervision.
  8. Download, edit, catalogue, and purge (as needed) digital photos.
  9. Maintain media presence on ECOS website and social media.
  10. Take and post “special request” camper photos as directed by the Program Director.
  11. Produce marketing photos as requested by the Program Director.
  12. Provide memory video to each visiting school at end of week.
  13. Upload photos to file-sharing software at end of each week for each school.
  14. Provide photos and video for and assist in the production of the following projects:
  • Session Recaps (end of each week)
  • End-of-school-year Staff Recap (to be presented at end of year)
  • Photos as appropriate for social media presence
  1. Accurately and frequently catalogue, archive, and save photos and video footage.
  2. Perform other duties as assigned to help ECOS programming successfully run each week.


The ECOS Media Coordinator typically uses their personal photography equipment, though an ECOS digital camera is available for use when needed. ECOS will cover the cost of insurance on such equipment if desired, but is not responsible for loss or damage to equipment. ECOS will provide digital photography software and a Mac computer and hard drive for editing and storing of photos, as well as internet access for posting images to the website.


  1. Be able to shoot, edit, catalogue and post a high volume of digital images daily.
  2. Be able to work quickly, independently and be well organized.
  3. Be adaptable and possess a willingness to assist in a wide range of duties to support other staff and programming needs.
  4. Able to assist campers in emergencies (evacuation, illness, etc.) and maintain constant supervision of campers if in your care.
  5. Able to hike up to 5 miles with a 30 lb. pack.